How To Get Started With Family Devotions


If you have plans to start family devotions, you are doing the right thing for your kids and your family at large. But you need to have a working game plan that will help you execute it and get the paybacks that you deserve. It is not a complicated thing, neither is it time-consuming. The family devotional  can be stress-free, simple, and brief. In fact, it is ideal that you keep them simple and brief. If it’s a long sermon, your loved ones might not be eager to participate in it. Here are some simple concepts that you may have to consider when designing a converting family devotion that you need.

First, you need to ensure that you consult widely with your family members. They will have to give you’re their views regarding the same, and why they think it is important as well. Make sure that they realize the importance of family devotions. They need to be morally upright, and more importantly, they need to be virtuous.

You also need to set time. Agree on the most convenient time for all of you. Let everyone contribute to this. Once you have set the time, encourage everyone to block that time open for your family devotions.

When getting started, make sure you begin with a word of prayer. Appoint someone to pray. For the first few devotions, it is probably best if one of you can do so, or if you have an older child, you can ask them to do so. At times, younger children may be a little too embarrassed or shy. Learn more about devotion at

When you are done, you should be able to read the scripture together. It is recommended that you pick a bible that is easy to understand. Your loved ones should be able to understand what the lines are saying. Begin by reading passages and sections that have interesting family devotionals stories that will encourage them or boost their morale.

It is also fundamental that you ensure that you take your time expound on the passages that you have read. Discuss the lessons and focus on how you can apply them to your daily life. Be creative enough to make them relevant to the day to day challenges and situations that you go through.

You should also choose a meaningful verse and assign everyone as the Bible memory verse. And more importantly, make sure you are not too legalistic; rather, make it contest to see who can remember it on your next devotion.

And it is time to wind up. The most obvious thing that you can do is to engage in praise and worship. If you have a family member that is interested in singing, you can ask them to offer to lead. You may make use of the common gospel son books that are available out there.


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